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CCSF-3PK9 Screening


"The Future of Cargo Screening is Dogs!"

Our TSA-Certified K9 Cargo Screening teams ensure the safety and security of our nation while reducing time as well as cost associated with our industry.

K9 cargo screening teams and coordinated technology can help you increase productivity, reduce costs and move cargo through your facility in less time. Other cargo screening technologies are expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive and subject to frequent false alarms. Implementing K9 technology will lower your overall screening costs without sacrificing safety.

K9 cargo screening teams decrease man hours and time spent on breaking down and then re-palletizing cargo, thereby cutting the amount of time necessary for the screening process.

Move more cargo through your facility each day with our faster and more accurate screening methods. These solutions are effective with many types of cargo configurations, from pallets, skids, unit load devices (ULDs) to bagged cargo.

Reduce your liability by transferring the chain of custody to us.

We’ve been creating screening programs for military, law enforcement, and TSA for over 20 years. With our explosive detection dog teams (EDDTs), we can develop screening solutions to fit unique needs across the globe.

Our canines come from premiere working dog kennels and go through extensive initial imprinting with our trainers who then utilize the best detection canines to move forward in training.

We have high standards and prefer our handlers to have prior military, law enforcement, and TSA experience.


Canine Explosive Detection 

Our teams conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, parking lots, office areas, vehicles, packages, and people in and around federal facilities.  They also provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats. Our teams are available to assist federal, state, and local law enforcement partners.

Over the past two decades, explosives have been one of the most common weapons used in terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, attacks using explosives often result in mass destruction and many casualties. However KIX teams offer a deterrent to this danger. Whether you’re strengthening airport security measures or a school safety plan, our dog explosive detection services can protect you and those you care about from individuals who intend to do harm. Our training is rigorous and our handlers are trained in real-life situations so that our teams are prepared as much as possible for any case that requires their services


Securing the global supply chain, while ensuring its smooth functioning, is essential to our national security and economic prosperity. This vital system provides the goods that feed our domestic critical infrastructures and support our way of life. Other nations worldwide also rely upon the goods transported by the global supply chain system – in that sense it is a truly global asset that all stakeholders must collaboratively work to strengthen.

Air Cargo and Freight


Special Event Screening

Unfortunately, any location can become the target of a violent attack. our teams are capable of offering our special event screening services at a variety of locations, especially schools. The increase in violence at schools demonstrates the importance of creating an effective school safety plan, and our explosive detection dogs can help.

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